During the year and half that we have owned "the Cub" I have come to despise the prior owners poor care of this beautiful transport. I found evidence of the "green shower" while repairing the rear view mirror. After extensive research, I figured I was prepared to do the repair myself. That research also led me to a web site, Jaguar Convertible Top Leak, and Marvin Johnson.

There was an immediate connection with Marvin, so I decided that having him do the job would be faster, easier and more professional than my bumbling. Marvin came to me, 2 days early, nearly completed the job that day, except for interesting, intelligent conversation and my education into the mechanics of the roof system.

If you have suffered the "green shower", you should do yourself a favor by giving Marvin a call (888-317-9340). He comes to you, does and excellent job, keeps your ride clean. Just look at my wife happy face after 2 summers of not being able to drop the top. 

? Sharay

Nashville, TN

Thumbs up!! Thanks to Marvin Just wanted to say thanks to the forum and Marvin. I was able to get my convertible top fixed from not opening and the Green shower. Most estimate were $4000-$6000 to get fixed. Marvin was able to fly out and fix it right in my garage and it works excellent and for 1/3 of the price.

When he got to my house he was working on it within 10 mins of being there and never looked up again for 10 hours. I'm thankful, this completes an almost full restoration call him for help. 888-317-9340"  


Denver, Co

If you've been the victim of the XK8/XKR Convertible Top "Green Shower," or the "Green Drip," or the "Green Rain," here's some information that I hope you will find incredibly helpful. I would have loved to have read something like this when I researched this COMMON PROBLEM.

I had the "Green Drip" experience with my 2005 Jaguar XK8 Convertible recently (November, 2014), and didn't know exactly where to turn. I read LOTS on the internet (THANKS TO THE FORUM), and spoke with about everyone I could about the problem, including my local Jaguar folks, who I like and respect A LOT. They just don't do many of these repairs, their price is expectedly high, and it is incredibly helpful to know where every clip, bolt, screw, washer, fastener, etc. is located so as not to break anything while accomplishing this MAJOR repair.

I know that it's hard to put one's trust in internet advertisements, and long-distance information, but I did serious homework and located Marvin Johnson, from Atlanta, GA, (888-317-9340) (JaguarTopRepair.com or JaguarConvertibleTopLeak.com) who manufactures the replacement lines (far superior to Jaguar's), and will travel to your location for this VERY TIME CONSUMING and intricate repair. I contacted references from Marvin's recently completed repairs, and was pleased with what I learned, as they had been.

I couldn't be more satisfied with Marvin's knowledge, carefulness, and capabilities, having watched EVERY MINUTE OF THE REPAIR. It is not an easy task, and you want a proven specialist to do this job. Marvin does these all the time.

The leaked Hydraulic fluid is very caustic, it deteriorated some of the rubber Header-Seal that runs down the A pillar, and it messed up the fabric, which can be easily replaced. There's a great YouTube from Sam on how to recover these A pillars.

I'm a retired attorney in Iowa. I would not be writing this review if I weren't convinced of Marvin's skills and knowledge. I highly recommend Marvin as a person you can trust to do the job right, to stand behind his work, and treat you fairly.

I am happy to discuss more about the "Green Shower" if you have questions, and I offer this recommendation because of my totally excellent experience. "


Des Moines, Iowa